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16. March, 2022

The project Layman’s report

Analyses made in the LIFE ClimatePath2050 project have shown that Slovenia has an opportunity to become a climate neutral country by the middle of the century. On this basis, Slovenia has decided on its target: to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 and it included this in its Long-term Climate Strategy.

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14. December, 2021

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7. October, 2021

[Presentations] International Conference: “Designing Pathways toward Climate Neutrality” | 6. – 8. October 2021

Over three days of the LIFE CLimatePath2050 international conference “Designing Pathways toward Climate Neutrality” we have listened to insightful lectures from experts all around Europe. You are now able to access the conference recordings as well as the presentations.

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5. October, 2021

Watch the video with the results of the LIFE ClimatePath2050 project!

The results of the LIFE ClimatePath2050 project, which ends in December 2021, are now also summarized in the video entitled “Our goal is climate neutrality”.

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22. July, 2021

Monitoring climate and energy policy implementation – How to take a step forward

This paper describes the establishment of the Climate Action Mirror, an integrated national climate action monitoring system in Slovenia. The main aim of the Mirror was to encourage policymakers to use analyses more to track the progress of the implementation of climate actions and thus to steer these activities towards a climate-neutral society. The system was developed in three annual cycles, in consultation with stakeholders and including a wide network of experts.

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Climate Action Mirror

Periodic reports reflecting the main findings on monitoring the implementation of measures for the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions was prepared in collaboration with stakeholders and experts.

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19. July, 2021


CONFERENCE PROGRAMME LIFE ClimatePath2050 International Conference: Designing Pathways toward Climate Neutrality Hybrid event: in Ljubljana and online via Zoom.  All the international speakers are participating online. The conference will be held in the English language.     Wednesday, 6 October 2021 Session I: How ambitious are the long-term climate strategies? 9.00      Welcome addresses […]

17. May, 2020

Workshop 34: A presentation of analyses of scenarios for reducing greenhouse gases (climate change mitigation) in Slovenia up to 2050

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the long-term climate strategy to become climate neutral by 2050. Background analyses (projections of GHG emissions reduction) were prepared by a consortium led by the JSI Energy Efficiency Centre within the LIFE ClimatePath2050 project. In a short lecture, JSI experts presented the methodology and projections for greenhouse […]

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11. December, 2019

Workshop 26: Financing the transition to a low-carbon society

The workshop focused on the financial reforms needed in Slovenia for the transition to a low-carbon society and facilitated an exchange of views on financing among financial and climate change experts. Date: 11 December 2019 Workshop Material: Potentials for reducing GHG emissions by 2050 and medium-term challenges: Financing the transition  and the tax policies (SL), […]

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28. November, 2019

Wise decisions for our climate – Video

The Paris Agreement can only be successfully implemented if climate change and its challenges are addressed through the participation of different stakeholders at all levels. How does the LIFE ClimatePath2050 project contribute to compliance with targets? Watch the video below to learn more:

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20. June, 2019

Workshop 25: Climate Neutrality – From Whether to How; Consultation on the long-term climate strategy of Slovenia

Focus, the Association for Sustainable Development, and the Jožef Stefan Institute conducted a public discussion about the long-term climate strategy and the expectations of different stakeholders and groups: political parties, interest groups, NGOs, and others. Guests from the EU NGO Climate Foundation and the European Commission attended the event. The key question addressed at the […]

11. June, 2019

Technical Workshop 2: The future of natural gas and the development of alternative carbon-free gases

In the preparation of strategic documents for the transition to a low-carbon society at the Jožef Stefan Institute – Energy Efficiency Centre, a meeting of experts was held to exchange views and review the status and direction of activities in the transition to a low-carbon society. The expert consultation was part of a series of technical workshops […]

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22. July, 2018

Other publications

Our team members continuously contribute insights and research on climate policy in the fields of their expertise: energy, forestry, economy among others. Here you can find the full list of their scientific and other contributions, prepared based on the LIFE ClimatePath2050 project results.

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12. June, 2018

Photo Competition Climate Path for Youth

In the frame of LIFE ClimatePath2050 project, we conducted a photo competition for youth entitled Climate Path. Since the project is also focusing on climate action until 2050 – that said the climate that they will live in and experience it, we decided to focus our photo contest on young people and to see their […]

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22. March, 2018

Other Reports

Other reports available in the Slovene language can be found here. English abstracts are available for the following reports: