Results for Local Communities

Local Climate Action Scoreboard

This free online application helps municipalities monitor the determined climate policies and GHG emissions reduction measures and attain the set objectives.

What is the Local Climate Action Scoreboard?

  • It is an online application for monitoring municipal climate actionrelated activities.
  • It enables status and trend analyses, and displays information enabling informed decision-making.
  • It serves as a basis for the exchange of ideas and experiences between municipalities and encourages collaboration.
  • It displays individual indicators on the map of Slovenia and enables a comparison of progress among municipalities.
  • The data through which we monitor local activities is collected and presented for 212 municipalities.
  • It is part of the LIFE ClimatePath2050 project, which contributes to attainment of the targets of the Paris Agreement in Slovenia.


What do we monitor?

The Local Climate Action Scoreboard comprises all IPCC sectors (e.g. buildings, industry, electricity from RES, and district heating) and 54 indicators, of which data for 48 are collected from available data sources and presented for all municipalities, and the rest only for municipalities that actively use the online platform. In addition to sectoral indicators, the Score Board also displays four basic indicators: GHG emissions reduction targets by 2020 and 2030, and information on whether a municipality has a Comprehensive Transport Strategy or a Local Energy (and Climate) Action Plan.

Each year we update the scoreboard indicators, which enables monitoring of the implementation of the measures and the progress of individual municipalities on an annual basis.

Who can participate?

All municipalities in Slovenia are invited to join the Scoreboard Community. Currently, we are observing 212 municipalities, of which 12 are actively contributing to the community. More than 31,500 data points give users of the online application unique insight into what is happening on the local level.

A special report entitled “Local communities have an important role in the transition to a climateneutral society” (SL) was issued in April 2021 (on Earth Day) to report on the progress of municipalities.